Hungry? Here are the best places to eat in Detroit

If you are visiting Detroit and are feeling a little hungry, here are some top restaurants to choose from with plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste. Enjoy!

La Noria Bistro

This fine dining restaurant serves Italian and Mexican food in the Southwest of Detroit. At this fine restaurant diners can choose from a selection of tacos along with their speciality cemitas pueblan sandwiches that are stuffed with breaded meat, guacamole, Oaxaca cheese and pollanos on a delicious sesame roll. It also serves different pizzas with toppings of your choice that are baked in a wood-fired oven.

River Bistro                            

This restaurant serves the finest Caribbean food.  You can get takeaway dinners here and also hold private dinner parties for 10-14 people. It serves honey spiced fried chicken, barbeque and jerk ribs but it does serve alcohol as it does not have a licence to do so.

Flowers of Vietnam

This restaurant has been expanded and refurbished but still retains its original charm of the original restaurant that is situated on West Vernor. This Vietnamese restaurant now has a separate bar space where you have a view of the open galley kitchen and the main dining room. Here you can order a bowl of pho for one or choose to share numerous dishes like the extra crispy caramel chicken wings, fried fish and for dessert an egg cream coffee. If you choose to have a drink there is something to drink for everyone from beers to wines which are poured by the glass.

Fist of Curry

This was once a seafood restaurant which was called the Huron Room but changed to an international curry restaurant. The newly revamped restaurant has now a 70’s inspired interior which is very colourful with graphic wallpaper etc. The menu offers you plates of curry fried cauliflower, coconut crab curry and Jamaican jerk brisket. It also offers gluten free and vegan options.

The grille Room at the Detroit Club

Situated in downtown Detroit this restaurant is mostly reserved for members. However the public can catch a glimpse inside this fine restaurant during lunch and dinner at the first floor restaurant. Its interior is decorated in dark wood with velvety purple decor. It has a chophouse-style menu giving you options of bone-in rib eye, lamb meatballs, pappardelle with lamb sauce and many more fine foods to choose from. If visiting this restaurant you must know that it has a business casual dress code.

Brome Modern Eatery

This popular restaurant is in a spacious location in downtown’s financial district. It serves organic burgers, salads and French fries. Upstairs the restaurant offers you a selection of fresh juices and smoothies with amazing views of downtown Detroit.

Lovers Only

This is a new spot in downtown Detroit that serves burgers and sandwiches in a bright space that is decorated with printed wallpaper and pastel schoolhouse chairs. The menu offers burgers including the Classic smash, cold fried chicken sandwiches that are served with white barbecue sauce and jalapeno coleslaw and lots more fine food to choose from. If you feel like a drink, the restaurant offers a selection of beers and cocktails and you can also order online for those that are eating on the go.

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