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It is no secret that, when it comes to lists of sought after destinations in America, Detroit is not featured highly very often. Places like Orlando & Los Angeles are the top places that you will usually see on lists, and both are great places.

A landscaper who I know in Vegas who runs said that while Vegas is one of the best cities in the world to have fun in, he thinks that it’s not a place that everyone would want to live in for the long-term!

However, Detroit deserves to be placed higher, and is a real hidden gem. And though it has been overlooked, now is the time for that to change! Detroit has so much going for it as a city.

Why you Should Visit Detroit:

If you have ever considered visiting Detroit, you will no doubt be seeking out information in relation to the city, to gain some knowledge prior to your visit. Or maybe you are looking for a city to travel to in the US, and are unsure as to where to go. Allow me to sell you on Detroit, as an ideal city to visit, regardless of if it is a weekend break, or a full blown, all out holiday.

Music Scene:

Detroit is a hot bed for music creation. Are you aware that mega stars such as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder & the Jackson 5 all come out of Detroit? These are all mega names in the music world, and all hail from Detroit. Our music festivals are epic also, with the likes of the Detroit Jazz Festival, The Movement Electronic Music Festival & Dally in the Alley being much loved annual events. Berry Gordy’s Motown record label originated in Detroit too, and there is still a strong R&B scene in the city. Seriously – look up the Music of Detroit on Wikipedia, and prepare to be amazed at the sheer amount of successful musicians that have come out of this city, in every genre imaginable.

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Belle Isle:

Belle Isle is to Detroit what Central Park is to New York. A massive island park in the centre of the city, it is actually bigger than Central Park, at almost 1000 acres in size. And it was also designed by the same creator of Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted. Belle Isle, meaning Beautiful Island, really lives up to its name, and features lots of attractions and activities. To give you an example, the park has a zoo, and aquarium, a golf course, a conservatory, as well as places to jog, go fishing, cycle your bike, and many other activities.

Like Sports – We’ve Got Sports!

We have a ton of sports teams, in every kind of sport imaginable. Household names like the Red Wings, The Pistons, The Lions & the Tigers all call Detroit home, and have been successful in their respective sports down through the years, each leaving an impact on their respective sports. World famous arenas like the Joe Louis arena play host to The Red Wings for example. So regardless of what your favourite sport is, Detroit has something for you! There’s nothing quite like being at the big game, with a beer and a huge hot dog!

Food & Drink:

One thing we know how to do very well in Detroit, is food and drink. If you have never heard or eaten a Coney Island Hot Dog (often referred to as simply Coney Dog), be sure to seek these out. Detroit even has its own style. In fact, in writing their 500 Things To Eat Before it’s Too Late book, Michael & Jane Stern advised that “there is only one place to start, and that is Detroit. Nowhere is the passion for them more intense” There are a huge amount of restaurants in the city in every style, and places like Slow’s Bar BQ and The London Chop House come highly recommended.

If you are a fan of beer (and who isn’t?), the State of Michigan has plenty of Breweries. In fact it could be argued that it may be the best State for brewing in the country. Companies such as Motor City Brewing, Dragonmeade & B. Nektar Meadery have ensured that Detroit is never dry. Some of these beers appear on Top 100 lists regularly, and for good reason too. You will be seeking out a local supplier for some of these brews once you return home from your trip to Detroit!

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The Architecture:

The City itself is a beauty to behold, and unlike many places that have that same dreary skyline of grey blocks, Detroit has plenty to look at. Check out buildings such as The Guardian Building, or the Fox Theatre on Google for example, to see what beauty in a building looks like. Seriously – go look, I’ll wait… Ok, you’re back! See, I told you! We even have the 2nd oldest Catholic Church in the entire country in the Ste. Anne de Detroit, and this is one beautiful looking construction also. There are also many sculptures and monuments dotted about the city, so you will never be bored or weary looking about. Our skyline is one to behold, even from a distance. Also, keep an eye out for some of our Street Art, places like Lincoln Park have huge amounts of this on display, and is well worth looking for. There is actually a whole city block that has been allocated to street art, going under the name of the Heidelberg Project.

The Museums:

If you are a bit of a history buff, or just enjoy trawling through Museums for the visual feast, then you will be spoiled with the selection of Museums available to you in Detroit. From the Institute of Arts, to the Charles H. Write Museum of African American History, there is just so much to take in. Special mention goes to 2 places – the Henry Ford Museum, and in keeping with the aforementioned Motown, the Motown Historical Museum, where you can actually enter a real studio, and get a hands on feel for how artists such as Lionel Ritchie may have put down their tracks.

This is really only very shallowly scraping the surface of all that Detroit has to offer. I could go on for another 10,000 words, but that may burn you out!

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