A Detroit Thanksgiving!

Now that the spookiness and scares of Halloween are behind us, all sights are now set on Thanksgiving, but a few short weeks away. And as always, that means food, family & shopping are going to feature heavily in the news and on websites for the next few weeks. Also, Black Friday, an event that has turned into a worldwide phenomena, is also rolling around, enabling eager shoppers to get those gifts, or early Xmas presents, at insanely discounted prices.

Let’s have a look now at some of the news relating to Thanksgiving in and around the Detroit area:

Black Friday – On the Way Out?

It has been reported on several different news sites, that with the massive rise in online stores & e-commerce, that traditional bricks and mortar stores are finding that Black Friday is not the monster event it hat it once was. People no longer need to leave their homes to get a great deal, and some of the stores simply cannot complete with the prices being offered by the likes of Amazon. Furthermore, what was once a 1 day only event has now stretched to a week long festival of price reductions, further increasing the difficulty for store owners to do business during this time of year. With there being so many available hours to shop for a bargain, the effect has been somewhat diluted, and this year, many stores in the Detroit area will do away with early hours opening for Black Friday. Whether or not this will reverse the trend of reducing business at this time of year is hard to tell at this stage.

2016 America’s Thanksgiving Parade Info:

Already one of the largest parades in the nation, Detroit’s 2016 Thanksgiving Parade promises to be bigger than it has ever been. Dating back to 1924, this is one Detroit holiday tradition not to be missed. Presented by Art Van, this years parade kicks off at 8:50am at Kirby & Woodward. If you cannot make it down, the parade goes live on TV at 10am, at Grand River & Woodward. If you would like to enter the parade yourself, applications are now available. Come along and join the magic – prepare to be amazed.

Making Dinner That Bit Easier:

There are few things as stressful in live, than preparing the Thanksgiving dinner for your family. Especially if your family is large. There is so much that can go wrong, and with so many balls to juggle, the potential is there for at least one item to get burned badly! So, why not let somebody else do the cooking for you – even if it’s just the Turkey? Yardbird in Keego Harbour can sort this out for you. Offering honey brined smoked turkeys weighing about 12 pounds for sale, they really make this aspect of the season easy. If you require additional items, such as side dishes like mashed potatoes or gravy, even dessert – these can also be obtained.

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