Sporting News For Detroit, October 2016

Events in sport can happen at rapid pace. One minute, everything is calm, the next, chaos can ensue. This is true also of the Detroit sporting scene. And while things may seem calm on the surface, there very may well be a hidden current, moving rapidly underneath. Let’s investigate some of the bigger stories across the different Detroit teams:


Detroit Lions:

Tight End Eric Ebron, out with an injury since Week 5, remains questionable to play in the game this Sunday against the Houston Texans. Although he did participate in full on Friday in practice, no further news has come out of the Lions camp. The 10th pick overall in the 2014 Draft, has had 2 injury plagued seasons, and has yet to show his true form. Could this Sunday be his Renaissance?

Both this game, and the next against the Minnesota Vikings are vital for Quarterback Matthew Stafford’s MVP aspirations, and with the team vying for a playoff place, it remains all to play for. Both the Vikings & Texans present a considerable challenge for the Lions however, with the 2 teams a combined 6 – 0 at home.

Detroit Tigers:

The Tigers have completed the signing of Arcenio Leon, a receiver of considerable experience, having played for the likes f the White Sox, Brewers & Astros. Signed from the Free agent market, it is expected that the Tigers will do considerable business in this market in the coming seasons. Leon, a 4.63 ERA in 11 minor league seasons, has never played in the major leagues before. It has been reported that the Tigers are currently in deep search for additional pitching talent.

In other Tigers news, 4 team members have been made Gold Glove Finalists. Pitcher Justin Verlander, Shortstop Jose Iglesias, catcher James McCann & baseman Ian Kinsler have all been nominated. None of the 4 have ever won a Gold Glove before. 2006 was a great year for the Tigers in this competition, as they had 2 winners in Kenny Rogers and Pudge Rodriguez. The last winner was Yoenis Cespedes, despite his being traded to the New York Mets in the summer. Here’s hoping the Tigers can repeat the success of 2006.


Detroit Red Wings:

The Red Wings managed to extend their win streak to 6, after a lengthy shootout against the St. Louis Blues, winning 2 – 1. Coming out of their first 2 games with losses, fans have been delighted with the 6 game win streak, leaving the Red Wings total for the season to date at 6 – 2.

Artist David Arrigo will be in attendance at the next 2 home games, against the Boston Bruins & the Florida Panthers, and will be live painting in the Joe Louis Arena concourse. Commissioned by Labatts Blue, Arrigo will be creating art inspired by beer and hockey, as well as a massive mural inspired by home game passion, local landmarks & team legends. Famed for his hockey mask creations, David Arrigo’s unique talents are not to be missed for fans this weekend.

detroit baseball

Detroit Pistons:

The magic was dispersed this past Friday Night, like Breaking the Magicians Code, after the Pistons smashed the Orlando Magic 108 – 82. The Magic were humiliated, especially after they only managed to sink 35% of their shots, compared with the 51% success rate the Pistons achieved. The immensity of this win cannot be overstated enough, and with 80 games yet to play, a lot can happen. Not if the Pistons continue to play in this manner however!

In respect of the proposal to move the team downtown, there is no concrete news to report as of yet. However, with the Red Wings in their final season in the Joe Lewis arena, things may soon change (The Red Wings are moving operations to the new Little Caesar’s arena for next season). Pistons Owner Bill Davidson has gone on record as saying that it was not his intention to move the team downtown when he made the purchase, however, plans change. And although The Palace is pretty historic, it seems that the push to make the move downtown is beginning to seriously pick up pace. It seems it’s a case of “watch this space”.

XICW News:

XICW held their “Best in Detroit 17” show recently, and there was some big news, returns and debuts at the show. Former WWE superstar Carlito made his return to the company, confronting Mike McMahon, while another Former WWE Legend in “Mr. Ass” Billy Gunn made his XICW Debut. A new champ was crowned in the Lightweight Division with former TNA star Johnny Devine being crowned.

It has also been announced that XICW will be headed for Cobo in 2017. In business for over 35 years, XICW returning to the historic Cobo is big news, further cementing their status as the best Pro Wrestling company in all of Detroit. The next live show is at The Imperial on November 06.

So there we have it folks. As you can see, there has been plenty going on in the Detroit sporting arenas, and one thing is for sure, things show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. It is great to see all of the Detroit teams performing so well on the National courts and fields.

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