10 Things To Know Before Visiting Detroit


  1. Detroit has its own style of pizza.

“Detroit-style pizza” is a style of pizza specific to the streets of Detroit. Its baked in a deep, square pan that is, most of the time, not actually a pan but a tray that has been designed to hold industrial parts.

  1. Unsolved murder capital.

A staggering 70% of all Detroit’s murders go unsolved. Yikes!

  1. Police response time is slow.

When you call the police in Detroit, you have to wait, on average, 58 minutes for them to arrive on scene.

The national average is 11 minutes, which puts Detroit at the bottom in terms of speedy response. In addition, most Detroit police stations are also closed 16 hours a day.

  1. Detroit’s Zoo was born by accident.

When a circus arrived in town, the Detroit Zoo was born. This was due to the animals escaping while the group was passing through.

  1. Devil’s Night is October 30.

October 30th in Detroit is known as much more than just the night before Halloween.

Here, it’s “Devil’s Night”, where people in the city celebrate by lighting hundreds of small fires.

  1. Extreme kidnapping is a thing.

In Detroit, there’s a company called “Extreme Kidnapping”. This fully organized company is paid to tie people up and kidnap them. Prices can go up to $1,500 for one kidnapping.

  1. Potato chips are popular.

In the United States, potato chips are a go-to snack. In Detroit, though, these crunchy pieces of salt and grease are a staple.

The average Detroit resident will eat 7 pounds of potato chips per year.

  1. Detroit is home to a huge salt mine.

1,200 feet below the streets of Detroit is the Detroit Salt Mine. The mine is an expanse of more than 1,500 acres of salt rock that is older than most automobiles.

The mines contain salt deposits that out-date the dinosaurs.

  1. Bowling is a city-wide event.

Bowling is a major pass time in Detroit. The city boasts more registered and enthusiastic bowlers than any other city, On any day of the week, balls are flying down bowling lanes all over Detroit.

  1. Detroit was the first city with a paved road.

Back in the day, Detroit was the first United States city to have a paved road. Known as the first mile, this road is located on Woodward Avenue between 6 and 7 Mile roads.

  1. The city has a love of trees.

Since 1989, there has been a local non-profit in Detroit. This organization prides itself on planting trees and, since its establishment, has planted over 81,000 trees.

  1. You can toss a dwarf in Detroit.

Controversial, Detroit has a downtown bar that hosts weekly dwarf tosses. These tosses involve tossing a dwarf in a helmet onto a blown up air mattress.

This practice is alive and well in the city despite being banned in most other places.

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